Thursday, April 15, 2010

There is a cost...

Pic taken at Forsyth Park, Savannah GA.

Beautiful day outside on this Thursday, April 15.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the sky is blue...and oh yes the cars, sidewalk and mostly everything else are full of pollen. As I looked around today with my itchy eyes and sniffling tingly nose I thought...there is a cost for everything. Trees release their pollen and then bloom beautifully. But, in the meantime...
for those of us with allergy conditions this is not the most fun time.

 Ah, yes there is a cost....
Get the tissues!

The bees produce honey but we don't like the bees. The fear of the bee possibly stinging us which inevitably
results in pain keeps us from appreciating its purpose. But, all and all they hold a great purpose and produce honey which is sweet; and holds healing elements in many ways.

Think about it...Isnt that awesome and amazing too. There is a cost.

We love the beauty of the birds that fly past us and the blue jays that often sit right on the deck but don't like when they leave their "business" behind.

There is a cost...

Though we are given free will to make decisions in life by a loving God who guides, comforts and accepts us without condition; many times there is a cost for that wrong decision or wrong turn we made
with the "free" will we have been given. But this is also a part of us walking our path of life and growing from the road we choose. Likened to Robert Frost in one of my favorite poems "The Road Not Taken" he chose the road less traveled and "it made all the difference".

Sometimes that cost is the very time it takes to get back on track. Sometimes the cost is embarrassment or a sense of failure. Sometimes that cost is good because it teaches us and adds to our wisdom and life experiences. It seems that there is always a cost to something but the cost is a part of responsibility, growing and blessing too. More interestingly for the most part there is always a reward when there is a cost.

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things work together for good; 
for those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.

The essence of life... if embraced...
is revealed through the cost.
Interestingly, those things we struggle through are the very things that help us appreciate this fragile life we live. The pains of childbirth are often forgotten within seconds when the doctor hands the child to the mother.

The cost of delivery was the painful experience
but the reward was the miracle of life.

The cost...Hmm..!

This blog started with the beautiful weather, the sun shining, the trees blooming and my allergies. Amazing!

I am thankful that Jesus Christ gave Himself as a ransom and paid the cost 
offering the free gift of  salvation with Eternal Love, Eternal Hope and Eternal Life.

He paid the cost and set me free. 

The costs we endure through life are nothing compared to that!! That painful death experience Jesus conquered on the cross is the miracle of LIFE I live;  through His death and resurrection we are redeemed!

Perhaps the cost of living an enriched life that is full of purpose is worth it after all! Through the sometimes painful experiences we live "through" we gain experience; we gain knowledge, we gain wisdom; we gain life!

Pressing on with my day....Standing with you as we journey on and journey through it all in His strength, with His grace and holding on to Jesus as the peace that is within us as we make we our way.

Jeannette Rodgers

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