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Thanks for stopping by my blog that will offer insightful writings, life experiences and fun tidbits to lighten our journey through life. Along with my own writings which cover various topics such as Chrisitian living, Food writing that might be a critique of a restaurant, or a recipe to share, topics on relational and family issues, emotional, mental and spirtual wholeness and well being; I will also share articles from others that I believe will help us all.

I am also a senior advocate. My grandmother who will be 99 this year lives with the effects of Alzheimers which alters her cognition and behavior. Her memory is fragile and my motto for those who have a family member "living" with the same I say, "Dont forget them because they cant remember you"! Those who have gone ahead of us can teach us quite a bit about life, love and strength through their wisdom; dont let pride or fear keep you from spending time with them; learning a few things about them and yourself.

I pray my personal life journey of valleys and mountaintops will  bless, teach, guide, inspire or motivate you in some way. Like I mention on my profile; it is really just to share what I have learned through life thus far, what I am learning now and about what I hope to learn.

I am truly always seeking to change to better myself and my relationships in life. I really think when we stop changing; we stop growing and life is truly about growth and change. Hence, the title of my blog, "Embracing the Essence of Life".

My life is continually changing as my moral compass stays centered on what is right and pleasing to God. Do we always succeed; no! Its about striving toward that perfect mark. Yes, like most of us we can get off track, lose our way and become weary. But I believe if we keep it real with each other accepting our human fallenness and fragile minds that face emotional distress and mental fatigue on this journey while remembering the righteousness of  Christ is within us we can overcome our obstacles and live a victorious and abundant life.

When we face challenges I am learning that we have to first acknowledge it, accept it, consider it, change it if we can, let go if we cant and keep on keeping on. No matter how many times we fall, we must get back up and keep going. This too, is "Embracing the Essence of Life". Ciao Bella!

Talk more later....Look forward to hearing from you...

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